9 Best Sleepaway Camps In Pennsylvania 2024

Sleepaway Camps in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania provides a wide range of sleepaway summer camps for kids to experience all of the hallmarks of the state.

The dense Allegheny National Forest, rolling hills, river valleys, and lakes similar to Lake Erie make this a prime place for summertime fun.

A variety of summer camps are available, from classic overnight programs to performing arts for budding performers. You can find something for every kind of camper, and the majority of them are accredited by the American Camp Association.

Every camp has a unique experience to offer, and this list highlights some of the best sleepaway camps in Pennsylvania. 

Summer CampLocationAgesGenderSession Lengths
Camp BallibayWyalusing8-16Coed2, 3, 4 weeks
Tyler Hill CampTyler Hill7-16Coed7 weeks
Camp LindenmereHenryville7-16Coed3, 4, 6 weeks
Chestnut Lake CampBeach Lake7-15Coed3, 4, 7 weeks
Camp WeequahicLakewood6-17Coed3, 6 weeks
Camp StarlightStarlight7-15Coed7 weeks
Camp KresgeWhite Haven7-16Coed1 week
Stone Mountain AdventuresHuntingdon8-16Coed1, 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks
Camp Fitch YMCANorth Springfield6-17Coed1 week

Camp Ballibay

Kids performing at Camp Ballibay

Camp Ballibay is a performing arts camp situated on a beautiful 176-acre campus in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania. There are three session lengths available at Camp Ballibay: three weeks, four weeks, or the full season of seven weeks. 

Expression is a top priority at Camp Ballibay, and a spirit of cooperation replaces the competition found at traditional camps. Children ages 8-16 are allowed to choose the activities which suit them best. Programs center around theatre, musical theatre, rock music, visual arts, dance, and more. There are also other unique activities like horseback riding.

Camp Ballibay provides children with a small camp experience for larger-than-life dreams of pursuing their artistic passion. From the first day on campus, kids receive one-on-one attention and guidance. 

Since starting in 2011, Camp Ballibay has maintained a reputation as one of the top summer art camp options in the United States. Artists of all varieties and skill levels are welcome to come. 

Tyler Hill Camp

Tyler Hill Camp

Located between Silver Lake and Laurel Lake in northeast Pennsylvania, Tyler Hill Camp sits on 220 acres of forest and fields. Values are important to children, and Tyler Hill Camp prides itself on encouraging sportsmanship, tolerance, appreciation, integrity, and helpfulness.

Campers get to go on field trips to check out various destinations in the northeast. The youngest campers are treated to experiences at Cooperstown, New York, to check out the Baseball Hall of Fame. There are also trips to Hershey Park and Dorney Park.

Older campers can visit Boston, Washington D.C., Maryland, or Toronto. These excursions make their time at Tyler Hill Camp truly unique. Tyler Hill Camp provides co-ed full-season camps 7 weeks in length to children ages 7 to 16.

Camp Lindenmere

Camp Lindenmere

Surrounded by forests and fields in the Poconos Mountains, Camp Lindenmere offers a complete experience with over 90 activities. It’s all about choice, exploration, and individuality at Camp Lindenmere.

Campers can choose how their entire summer park adventure will look. Once activity choices have been made, kids are assigned groups with like-minded peers who all enjoy the same interests and passions. Children can enroll in their multiple three to 7-week sessions. 

The activities offer an impressive array of every kind of pursuit imaginable. There are sports options for athletes and competitors of all shapes and sizes, arts and crafts for creatives, and watersports for everyone, as well as a huge skate park. Days are structured around a major category and complementary minor activities.

Chestnut Lake Camp

Chestnut Lake Camp is located a couple of hours outside New York City and Philadelphia in Beach Lake. Children are encouraged to bring out their best all summer long on this beautiful 200-acre property of water and woods.

Children at Chestnut Lake Camp will never experience a dull moment as the days are packed full of activities. There are more than half a dozen activity periods every day. This includes structured activities and free-choice electives like sports, creative arts, dance, and drama.

Providing a community of friends and peers is a priority. There is a culture that every camper gets to be a part of, and the caring staff makes sure everyone has a place. First-timers and seasoned campers alike can feel at home here.

Sessions are 3, 4, or up to 7 weeks,  and campers between 3rd and 8th grade are encouraged to enroll.

Camp Weequahic

Camp Weequahic was founded in 1953 on the values of gratitude, attitude, and courage. It offered all of them in abundance at the beautiful campus in Northeast Pennsylvania. You can choose from three or six-week options, with an introductory program for first-time students in 2nd to 5th grade. 

Well-structured days provide every camper with their version of an action-packed adventure. Kids can get the assistance of their own program advisor, who can help them make decisions and make the best use of their time. There are several programs to choose from, like athletics, arts, adventure, and aquatics.

Traditions of all sorts are a big part of the camp, including a Friday night campfire, singalongs, and a color war at the end of each session, which has been fought in good fun for decades.

Camp Starlight

Running since 1947, Camp Starlight has offered kids opportunities for friendship, adventure, and fun. Camp Starlight has a prime location on hundreds of acres of land, including a private lake and loads of modern facilities to cater to its vast number of activities.

Traditional summer camp activities are offered, including adventure, athletics, and waterfront options. In addition, there are options like creative and performing arts for kids who want to explore their artistic side. Kids are grouped by age to ensure they enjoy themselves alongside close peers.

The facilities are top-notch and show a real investment toward the experience of all campers. It offers all of the comforts of home in an all-inclusive setting. They offer full-season overnight summer camps, with a brother and sister camp exclusive to each gender. 

Camp Kresge

Camp Kresge is a YMCA sleepaway camp on a massive campground on the shores of Beaver Lake. All the beauty of the Greater Wyoming Valley is on display for campers who choose to spend their time here.

The summer programs help children foster self-esteem and build character and friendships. Eight one-week sessions are available, and kids 7-16 can attend multiple times throughout the school break. They also provide local residents with day camps.

Fun themes provide a unique experience with things like Camp Safari, Olympics, Pirates of Camp Kresge, and International Explorer. 

They host events like talent shows, color games, and a carnival night. Every day features at least four different periods so kids can enjoy and choose from a total of 18 activities like riflery, hiking, and fishing. 

Stone Mountain Adventures

Stone Mountain Adventures in Huntingdon receives hundreds of teenagers each season. The property sits among mountains, rivers, and lakes that central Pennsylvania is famous for.

Choose between one-, two-, four-, six-, or even eight-week sessions throughout the summer. The small sleepaway camp atmosphere at Stone Mountain Adventures gives kids a chance to make new friends and feel like they’re part of a community.

This occurs through the generous activity periods on the daily calendar. Kids get to fill their days doing what they enjoy most from a list that includes traditional camp favorites.

Campers will have the opportunity to give back to the local community with days of service. This is a great chance for kids to help others and feel good about themselves in the process. It’s a great place for kids to build friendships and make memories.

Camp Fitch YMCA

The Camp Fitch YMCA property has been serving families for over 100 years. Located on the shores of Lake Erie in Northwest Pennsylvania, it’s a short distance from Ohio and New York.

The camp’s mission is to make kids better for life with their flagship experience. This is a combination of world-class counselors, modern facilities, and abundant activities of all kinds.

Artisans, athletes, marksmen, and naturalists unite with an expansive number of activities. The classes include guidance and instruction from well-trained instructors. There are also additional Exploratory Activities that allow kids to try out new things during open activity periods.

As with most YMCA camp offerings, Camp Fitch has one-week sessions for eight weeks throughout the summer for boys and girls ages 6 to 16.