Why Sleepaway Camp?

Sleepaway camps are one of the foundations of American culture. It provides campers with a strong community of attentive instructors, lifelong friendships, life lessons, and much more. The lessons learned at an overnight summer camp often remain with campers for the rest of their lives. These traditional summer camps provide a different environment for kids to thrive in that is hard to find during the school year.

Here, they get an opportunity to practice their leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, and other essential skills. The summer is also the perfect time for youth to gain knowledge of the outdoors and try things like camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and other fun traditional camp activities. For those who have already experienced sleepaway camp, you may recall a nostalgic childhood memory about sitting around a campfire at night, cooking smores, and listening to interesting campfire stories with newfound friends. 

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