Best Residential Summer Camps In The UK

International UK Camps

With its mild maritime climate and stunning outdoor scenery, the United Kingdom provides the ideal setting for children’s summer camps. Programs are available all over the land, from Stirling in historic Scotland or Snowdonia National Park in Wales to the vibrant cities of London and Oxford. In many cases, traditional British boarding schools act as … Read more

Best International Summer Camps in Spain

International Spain Summer Camps

Spain with its cultural charm and landscapes is the ideal place for students to have a summer of fun. International summer camps in Spain go beyond tourism, offering your child a taste of authentic Spanish life and culture in the country’s gorgeous surroundings. Kids from all over the world come together at summer camps in … Read more

Best International Summer Camps In Switzerland

Switzerland Summer Camps

Switzerland’s beautiful natural wonders are the perfect backdrop for your child’s memorable camp experience. The country is well-known for its abundance of stunning alpine scenery, gorgeous lakes, forests, and fantastic weather.  These international Switzerland summer camps let students enjoy the idyllic surroundings while engaging in hiking, surfing, rock climbing, and mountain climbing activities. With action-packed … Read more