Best Coding Summer Camps For Kids 2024

Coding is a great skill for kids to learn that can improve critical thinking, teaches creativity, and encourages persistence.

The ability to problem-solve is one of the hallmarks of coding, and kids learn that in abundance. This will transfer nicely to real life, where they can begin to apply these skills logically and rationally to everyday situations. Plus, if campers are interested in a future career in computer science or anything STEM-related, it’s the perfect skill to obtain. 

Attending a coding camp gives kids the opportunity to have deliberate practice with other kids and learn new technologies. There are many great coding camps out there, with online and in-person options, so here are some of the best to consider. 

coding camps

1. Code Advantage

Code Advantage offers in-person and online code lessons taught by rockstar instructors with experience working with children. The environment is one that offers encouragement and support to every student.

Engaging children in the fun of coding is a challenge that Code Advantage accepts and responds to with lessons featuring themes kids love. There are lessons that involve Roblox, Minecraft, video game design, AI Gaming, and robotics, which allow kids to create code to control real-life robots.

There are more than 45 coding classes to choose from in every age and skill group. Kids can begin their computer programming journey here or jump in where they are and enhance their skills.

Why should summer get all the fun? There are year-round classes in eight-week sessions. Each features one hour of instruction per week and assignments for further learning. One-week and two-week sessions are available in the summer.

2. iD Tech

No matter where your family is located, chances are that iD Tech has a summer coding camp for your child near you, with options in Atlanta, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and more. If that weren’t enough, they also offer online summer camps and year-round classes. 

iD Tech shines in providing kids with coding skills in the most versatile and commonly used platforms. Kids ages 7-18 can learn C++, Java, and Python while working on fun and fully functional projects where they can put what they learn to the test.

They allow kids to have fun and learn things that can serve them in a future STEM career with limitless possibilities. There are different focuses in coding, like robotics to control their own robots or in game development, where they can work with popular games like Roblox and Minecraft, and even machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Check out their website for a list of locations or to sign your child up for a virtual program. 

3. Code Wizards HQ

For a comprehensive and well-structured coding class experience for your child, check out Code Wizards HQ. Their focus on accountability and follow-up makes for a productive session no matter what length is chosen.

Their highly structured programs provide forward-thinking progress for every child with interactive live classes that offer an immersive experience and are recorded for review. Campers have access to near-constant guidance from qualified and experienced instructors. 

Industry-standard certifications are attainable, and there are open paths to internships available through the program. Code Wizards HQ offers accelerated one-week camps as well as three-week coding classes for children 8 to 18. The coding camps use Roblox and Minecraft concepts to help keep kids engaged while learning to code. 

4. PlanetBravo

PlanetBravo’s Techno-Tainment Camp provides coding knowledge and interpersonal skills, plus fun outside activities. Their camps are offered throughout southern California, with nine camp locations around the Los Angeles area. 

The addition of outside activities is what takes Techno-Tainment Camp to the next level. There is an action-packed day structured like a school day which brings an air of familiarity to it all for kids and achieves good results.

The available courses cover a range of different disciplines and extend beyond computer programming to include things like YouTube content creation, video editing, drone flights, and animation. There are tons of opportunities for kids to learn and play at the same time.

Sessions are offered in one-week lengths for students in grades 2 through 9. Students can take as many one-week sessions as they like and mix and match which areas of study they want to pursue.

5. National Computer Camps

National Computer Camps provide in-person, overnight, and day camps for kids in Connecticut and Georgia. They also host online summer camps for kids worldwide.

They teach coding, game design, mobile programming, and web design at their summer programs. Your children can choose to learn popular programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Javascript, and more. Instruction is open to complete beginners as well as campers with intermediate and advanced backgrounds. Also available are more specialty learning classes with drone building and flying, Arduino robotics, 3D Printing, and chess.

They offer a blended mix of educational learning and fun activities and have been providing children with great summers since 1977. You can apply for scholarships, just do it early since spots get filled up quickly.

6. CodeREV

CodeREV provides in-person tech camps around the country with a cutting-edge curriculum, experienced staff, and the chance to get outside for activity periods. This gives kids a classic camp feeling while learning a modern set of skills.

The daily schedule provides consistency and results. There is a project-based learning model in place where campers work on their favorite specialties like coding, robotics, and digital art. The summer camps are part education, part entertainment, and all fun for kids.

Even though code is in their name, CodeREV also offers programs focused on engineering, virtual reality, and 3D animation. This includes applications of game development which is of special interest to a lot of the youth that attends.

One-week daily sessions are available to kids ages 6 to 16. All programs are taught by a staff that includes Harvard and MIT graduates, the best of the best in their fields. Campers who are looking for something more individualized can also select from one on one private lessons. 

7. Code Galaxy

Through their virtual camps, Code Galaxy focuses on project creation, helping campers make new friends, and teaching coding fundamentals in an entertaining environment. 

Code Galaxy’s selection of camps offers students the option to study various areas of computer science. There are days of Minecraft, Roblox, Python development, cybersecurity, mobile app development, and games and animations with Scratch. Different configurations for different interests mean every kid can find something to suit them.

While attending their online classes, children can learn valuable life lessons and create real and functional projects which can be shown to friends or in their resumes. Who knows, the next great game concept may come from one of these ideas!

Kids ages 7 through 15 can attend one-week programs packed with growth opportunities.

8. Cogni Coder

Cogni Coder allows kids anywhere to spend a portion of their school break learning coding skills. The summer coding classes are taught by staff from the University of Southern California Computer Science Department.

Campers can select from a variety of classes that include Scratch Jr., Java, and Python. There are opportunities to enhance the learning with web development and cybersecurity topics to round out their education. 

Small class size gives children individualized attention and assistance whenever they need it. This is a fact that Cogni Coder understands and maintains a class size of no more than eight students at a time per group.

The camps are two weeks long, and students meet daily every weekday for an hour and a half at different times you choose. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade are welcome to attend, with programs available for beginners and experts alike.

9. Game Camp Nation

Game Camp Nation is one of the few coding overnight camps out there. This classic summer camp experience includes accommodations at a resort and social activities. There are also day camps and private options. The locations all over the east coast of the U.S. provide convenience and contribute to the camp feel.

They allow kids to be involved in the entire process of game creation. This includes pixel art, 3D graphics, the mechanics of game design, and programming. Game development is the primary focus at Game Camp Nation, but it is all part of the larger effort to develop better-rounded programmers. 

There are summer programs for children 9 to 19, plus a leadership program for older kids who want to continue working with kids as camp counselors. Kids can expect five weekdays of full-time learning. 

10. Coding with Kids

Coding with Kids is a coding school with virtual STEM camps as well as year-round programs called Coder’s Ladder and Coder’s Pathways. The Coder’s Ladder introduces an aspect of progression to a complete beginner’s coding journey comparable to that of a belt system in martial arts. Through progress, a student can ascend the ladder to achieve a mastery of coding fundamentals.

Once children have achieved success on the Coder’s Ladder, they have the option to continue their journey and specialize through Coder’s Pathways. The specialties include C#, Java, Python, Roblox, and Scratch. In addition, kids can choose to pursue web development, 3D game creation, and Minecraft modding.

Both classes are suitable for those 5-18, which last 8 weeks and meet once a week. The year-round options make it an ideal after-school activity for supplemental learning. The classes remain small so that individual instructors have time to answer any questions and help out the students.