Best Overnight Summer Camps In Montana 2024

Montana is home to stunning mountains, rivers, and valleys. With National Parks, such as Glacier National Park, the state has much to offer in the way of outdoor activity. 

Kids don’t always get a chance to enjoy this fun, so summer camp is a great opportunity for them to enjoy the outdoors and make unforgettable memories, whether hiking, kayaking, or roasting marshmallows over a fire.

Here are the best overnight camps in Montana where they can receive authentic camp experiences. 

montana camps
Glacier National Park in Montana

1. Yellowstone Alliance Adventures

Yellowstone Alliance Adventures offers Christian summer camps in Bozeman, MT, for 2nd to 12th-grade students. Each camp has a 6:1 camper-to-staff ratio. 

For 3-5th graders, Trailblazer camp is packed full of ziplining fun, as well as camp games and worship songs. For 6-8 grade, Explorer camp is great for friendly competition with lots of games and challenges to participate in with cabin mates. They also have an archery camp to learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow and the process and art of how to make bows. 

High school students can join their Encounter and Outbound Camp. Encounter offers a chance for teens to unplug from technology and enjoy time outdoors, while Outbound camp is a hiking-intensive experience that allows campers to gain a new perspective on their Faith. 

There are also day camps and family camps, so no matter what kind of summer you’re looking for your family, you can experience it with Yellowstone Alliance Adventures. 

2. Camp Bighorn

Camp Bighorn, located in Plains, Montana, has a Christian overnight camp offered to campers in 5-12th grade. The students are housed in groups of 8 with 1 staff member for each cabin. During the day, campers spend much of their time in and by the water, with activities like swimming and kayaking. There are also fun adventures like rock climbing, an aerial adventure park, and worship services.

Middle school students can experience the thrills with a whitewater adventure suitable for beginners. For the oldest campers in 10-12th grade, a backpacking trip along the State Line Trail is to be enjoyed. Kids take this outdoor time to grow spiritually, learn outdoor skills and safety, and respect their environment by learning the leave no-trace principles. 

Camp Bighorn also offers a family camp for parents as well as a weekend program exclusive for girls ages 16 and up. Camp Bighorn aims to spread the love of Jesus and help instill a firm belief of faith in its campers while they experience the wonders of the Lolo National Forest. 

3. Glacier Camp

Glacier Camp identifies as a Christ-centered organization and is located in Lakeside. Glacier camp offers several overnight camps to students in grades 1-12. 

Their H2OCamp has all the classics, such as games, sports, and crafts, intertwined with the fun of water. There is also a Horse camp, which allows kids to learn about the care of horses and experience riding trails. 

Middle school and high school students have the opportunity to take part in A.B.C. camp, which is a camping program that takes place in “Anywhere But Camp” and focuses on skills needed for living in the outdoors. Campers take part in hiking and canoeing as well as learning outdoor survival skills. For the youngest campers, a 3-day Mini Camp is offered, suitable as a child’s first exposure to summer camp. 

If you run girl and boy scout groups or other types of youth groups, you can rent their camp facilities. The camp has come a long way since it was first founded in 1930. 

4. 406 Circus Camp

For a unique specialty camp in Bozeman, 406 Cirque’s circus camp is available for 1-8th grades. There are different sessions, and they welcome all skill levels in their performing arts programs. During the first block of the day, kids participate in team and skill-building activities such as juggling, acrobatics, and many others. 

In the afternoon, campers focus on acting as well as a free-choice activity for a skill they want to work on. Circus camp has a private 1.6-acre playground where campers can eat lunch and play with friends. At the end of each session, the camp hosts a show for the kids and their families to come and watch.

Circus camp aims to inspire creative children to use their voices and to gain confidence, with a great deal of value placed on the diversity of their students. There are also half-day camps available.

5. Camp Māk-A-Dream

Camp Māk-A-Dream’s mission is to empower cancer survivors and their families through their programs. It offers a kids camp, a teen camp, and a sibling camp. Their overnight summer camps are inclusive and give kids the ability to choose from any activity they want to participate in.

Camp Māk-A-Dream has many traditional outdoor activities like archery and ziplining, but it also hosts guests to share their talents with the kids, such as yoga, painting, and theatre. It has ADA accommodations, so wheelchairs are available to any camper who may need them to ensure the fun stays accessible. 

Sibling camp is for those who are coping with the diagnosis or loss of a sibling or parent. These campers have the same access to fun activities, as well as the opportunity to make friends with others who may be in a similar situation. 

The program for teenagers provides unforgettable summer fun, a support network, and a place to talk and feel heard. 

6. Camp Utmost

Camp Utmost offers Christian camps in Greenough, aiming to spread the Word of salvation. It’s staffed with full-time missionaries to help visitors grow closer to Jesus.

The summer programs are offered to students in 4-12th grade and include many activities, such as arts and crafts, hiking, swimming, archery, and water slides. The evenings end with worship around the campfire before campers return to their cabins. Camp Utmost also offers family camps and retreats for all ages. 

Camp Utmost is operated by Rocky Mountain Bible Mission, and its camp location is an ideal spot for campers to go on adventures in the rivers and forests.

7. Clydehurst Christian Ranch

Clydehurst Christian Ranch is in Boulder River valley and offers programs to children in 3-12th grade. Clydehurst has diverse wildlife, with horses and goats that kids can pet and ride. The camp facilities include cabins for accommodations, a rock wall to climb, and a heated swimming pool for kids to swim comfortably. 

Many activities include archery, basketball, swimming, zip lining, fishing, and more. They’re all supervised by trusted counselors, and each session has a guest speaker to bring kids closer to God as well as keep them entertained and having fun. 

At Clydehurst Christian Ranch, it’s important that all campers feel special. Counselors make time to speak to each camper individually, allowing them to feel seen and heard. They host one of the longer family camps, which lasts around a week. The tuition covers all meals, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

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