Best Overnight Camps In Colorado 2024

Overnight Camps in Colorado

There is a diverse selection of overnight camps to choose from in Colorado. Children of all ages can experience nature in different settings, whether they’re new or seasoned campers.

Some summer camps focus on magic and integrity, while others build upon life skills and leadership. No matter where you send your child, they can make lasting memories and learn something new at any of these amazing sleepaway camps in Colorado.

Some of these take place in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, while others offer their own specially created campus. 

Most of the following summer camps are accredited by the American Camp Association.

Summer CampLocationAgesGenderSession Lengths
CheleyEstes Park7-17Coed5, 27 days
Bold Earth AdventuresDenver12-17Coed14 days
Camp WojtylaErie11-18Coed5, 9 days
Go West CampsColorado Springs4-15Coed3 weeks
Camp TelaphibaBroomfield10-18Coed6, 13 days
Geneva Glen CampIndianhill6-16Coed6 days, 2 weeks
Colvig Silver CampsDurango7-17Coed2, 4 weeks
Keystone Science SchoolKeystone4-18Coed4, 6, 11 days
Camp Chief OurayGranby7-17Coed1, 2, 4 weeks

1. Cheley

Cheley Colorado Camps

Cheley is a sleepaway summer camp dedicated to inspiring and educating generations of children. It’s one of the best overnight camps in Colorado that has operated in Estes Park, Colorado, since 1921. It’s nestled near streams, ponds, and forests in the Rocky Mountains. There are hundreds of horses on the property for campers to care for and learn from.

Young and first-time campers are encouraged to sign up for a five-night session. Older, more-experienced campers can sign up for up to a twenty-seven-day term. Cheley believes spending a month outdoors is the best way to connect and enjoy nature. They also offer a family camp option to allow families to spend quality outdoor time together.

Each session allows campers to experience new things and excel at their favorite activities. Kids come from every state outside the country to experience fishing, hiking, and backpacking. There’s something for everyone with additional options for white water rafting, horseback riding, ropes courses, arts and crafts, and more!

2. Bold Earth Adventures

Bold Earth Adventures

Bold Earth Adventures offers campers an unforgettable two-week adventure full of excitement. Students in grades 7th to 11th can head to Denver for a fantastic time rafting down the Colorado River and hiking in the Arches National Park in Utah.

They can also participate in activities that include rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, and plenty of sightseeing. As part of their travel programs, students participate in a community service project that involves garden upkeep. Making new friends, making exciting memories, getting an education, and giving back to the local community are all what Bold Earth Adventures is about. 

Campers spend all the nights in tents so they can truly feel in touch with nature. The first part of the program is spent white water rafting in class 3 rapids, followed by exploring Utah’s famous national parks. After leaving Utah, they return back to Denver for departure. 

3. Camp Wojtyla

Camp Wojtyla

Camp Wojtyla hosts yearly programs in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains with Catholic-centered learning. The adventure camps for middle and high school students take them deep into the wilderness for 5 to 9 days. 

Your young adventurer can expect to do activities like rock climbing, white water rafting, extensive hiking, fishing, and more. As kids get this one-of-a-kind experience in the great outdoors, they can grow closer to God and learn about his teachings. 

Each session has a limited amount of 10 participants, with a few counselors. This way, children can form a tight bond with their peers while under the careful supervision of professional staff. 

There are multiple all-girl and all-boys expeditions for your sons and daughters. Campers can expect to learn all types of wilderness skills, from how to start a campfire to navigating the mountains. 

4. Go West Camps

Go West Camps offers two locations: Chinook Trail Middle School and Eagleview Middle School. Both sites have access to parks and trails for children to wander around. The camp directors are passionate about educating children while giving them a memorable outdoor experience.

Three sessions are available that last three weeks each. In addition, Go West Camps offers sessions in four age groups to help children develop at their specific levels. Students K-9 can sign up and experience all kinds of fun things to do.

Thrilling outdoor activities include mountain biking, rock climbing, archery, and fishing. There are also other more creative activities like music lessons, art and crafts, and cooking. They create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for kids to grow in.

5. Camp Telaphiba

Camp Telaphiba is a sleepaway dance camp located at Copper Mountain. The founder, Lisa Pevateaux, made the summer camp intending to help boys and girls make friendships, learn to dance and experience the wilderness all in one session.

There are five programs for children ages 10-18 who love to dance or want to learn it. All campers experience different dance classes such as jazz, hip hop, and ballet. It’s the best summer camp in Colorado for creative children.

In addition, they learn to choreograph their own dances and perform as a group as well. This camp isn’t just about dance either as it also gives students the chance to hike, swim, and sit around a campfire with their fellow campers.

Camp Telaphiba strives to help children make connections that can impact their futures. As they receive high-quality dance education, campers develop confidence, resilience, and self-esteem. Their confidence can inspire them to work harder in different aspects of their lives long after they leave camp.

6. Geneva Glen Camp

Geneva Glen Camp is situated in a forested area outside Denver in Indian Hills. The camp aims to improve the future of all children who pass through their summer programs. They focus on developing future leaders by giving participants consistent support, guidance, and outdoor education. Horseback riding is also a huge focus of this summer camp.

Geneva Glen camp offers six sessions throughout the summer for children ages 6-16. They last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. All camps have students of various ages, allowing them to work together as they learn new skills and foster lasting friendships.

The camp themes include knighthood, myths and magic, world friendship, and more. Children are excited to experience fun activities such as alchemy, archery, ropes courses, and more. While campers move through their activities, they learn how to uphold values such as honor and integrity.

This camp aims to teach children to respect and enjoy nature while showing them how to move through the natural world. With sword work, productions, and team events, campers learn what they are capable of, aspire to do better, and take their confidence and wonderful memories with them when they leave the program.

7. Colvig Silver Camps

Colvig Silver Camps

Colvig Silver Camps are nestled between mountains in southwestern Colorado, near Durango. The San Juan Mountains tower over beautiful forests and rivers in the area. This premier summer camp strives to teach children skills that can aid them as they grow and move through life.

There are several different programs based on age. Each lasts anywhere from a couple of days to week-long trips where students can gain life skills and make lifelong friends. The summer camps consist of planned themes and activities, including free-choice options for children looking to try something new of their choosing.

Elementary students have the exciting opportunity to experience a three-day trip. Middle school students also take exciting field trips to the lake, canyon, or nearby reservoir. High school students can even go on a solo adventure to experience the wilderness personally while using the survival skills they have acquired to care for themselves.

Those who attend can expect thrilling activities, including horseback riding, canoeing, white water rafting, rock climbing, wilderness adventures, mountain biking, and camp games like capture the flag.

8. Keystone Science School

Keystone Science School

Keystone Science School camp has existed for almost 50 years and is located in the Snake River Valley in Keystone, Colorado. The Keystone Science School campus is thousands of feet above sea level, giving campers access to rivers, mountains, and sand dunes.

Their programs offer both sleepaway and day camps, depending on the needs and comfort of your kids. Day camps are offered for elementary and middle school students in 5-day sessions. In addition, there are three residential options for grades K-12 last for six days each. The Keystone Science School also offers all-girl events to help girls find their inner strength and improve self-confidence.

Sessions for younger campers allow them to experience a range of activities. They can focus on educational programs dedicated to geology, astronomy, or aquatic ecology. Sessions for older students usually focus on a theme such as rafting or horseback riding with added science components similar to those in the younger session.

Kids can expect thrilling activities like backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, tent camping, and more. 

9. Camp Chief Ouray

Camp Chief Ouray is located at the base of a mountain in Granby and gives campers access to a reservoir and a creek near its campus. It started as an all-boys adventure back almost a hundred years ago and has grown through the years to accommodate boys and girls.

Camp Chief Ouray offers different camps based on the length desired and the age of children. Their day camps last one week and end at 4:30 pm each afternoon. Older students can experience two- to four-week-long outdoor adventures. Participants can grow their confidence and learn how to work as a team throughout their time at summer camp.  

Youth can experience nature with hiking trips, archery, and much more. Back at camp, counselors provide fun activities like arts and crafts and other fun camp games. They also offer wilderness trips into the great outdoors as well as a prestigious horseback riding program. 

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