Best Family Camps In Maine 2024

Summer camps are a great way for children to spend the summer doing all kinds of exciting activities. Family camps are an option that allows parents to get in on the fun and bond with their kids. Families can enjoy many fun things to do while learning skills and spending some quality time with those closest to them. 

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed week full of activities or want to relax by the water, these are the top family camps in Maine to enjoy a peaceful weekend or week together. 

family camps in maine
Acadia National Park In Maine

1. Camp Kingswood Family Camp

Camp Kingswood Family Camp invites campers of all ages to come and enjoy a top-notch camp experience. The camp staff ensures you have all your family’s needs met for a comfortable and exciting stay.  

Each family has a counselor to show them around and act as a source of support. This also includes babysitting duties for the adult-only activities in the evening, so parents can enjoy their own free time. Camp activities include hiking, ziplining, sing-alongs, swimming, volleyball, sports, kayaking, and much more. 

The camps typically last a weekend and take place many times throughout the year. It’s the perfect program for parents who want to see what Camp Kingswood is like before sending their children off to it for the summer.

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2. Kingsley Pines Family Camp

Kingsley Pines Family Camp in Raymond, ME, offers beautiful scenery, easy accessibility, and a huge variety of activities for everyone. Besides a beautiful lake, this family camp provides a wide range of facilities the whole family can use.

From tennis to waterskiing, rock climbing to archery, there are plenty of activities to take part in for adults and children alike. Camp staff can also look after the kids while adults hang out and relax.  There are also family activities for everyone ages 4 and up, meaning parents and children can spend some quality time together.

Kingsley Pines encourages campers to build their self-esteem, learn new skills, and take on challenges in a supportive atmosphere. You can join in with other families, create memories with your own, and enjoy this friendly environment that prioritizes togetherness over anything else. You don’t need to worry about bringing any food or cooking as the camp staff prepares all the meals. 

3. Camp Arcadia Family Week Retreat

Located to the south of Maine, Camp Arcadia offers a unique experience for yourself and your entire family. Situated on a large campus beside Pleasant Lake, Camp Arcadia is perfect for those looking to reset their batteries and immerse themselves in scenic and natural surroundings. Each family is provided with accommodations overlooking the lake, allowing a picturesque overall experience. 

Families can choose what their entire week will look like as the schedule can be tailored toward their interests. So, whether you’re inclined toward relaxing on the beach or looking to pack your week full of exciting activities, Camp Arcadia offers that and more. Their camp activities include archery, tennis, arts and crafts, sailing, yoga, paddle boarding, and a wealth of other options. 

Families are also invited to attend a social hour each day, allowing you to become more familiar with the other people there. Cabins can hold 2-15 people, with the camp taking place throughout August.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to spend time with their family, catch up with friends, or have a getaway with their partner. Each camp session lasts for one week, with two sessions starting around mid-August. 

4. Hog Island Audubon Family Camp

Priding itself on educating its campers, the Audubon Family Camp offers an informative experience that provides families with one week of fun learning opportunities. Hog Island is rich in natural landscapes, so kids and adults can learn a lot from the natural environment.

Whether you’re scouring the land, sky, or water, this camp allows families to learn through hands-on activities. As the sun sets, you’re also invited to hike and stargaze during the night. On Hog Island, families learn in the most fun way possible through various activities like wildlife spotting and listening to stories from knowledgeable staff.

This educational experience runs throughout July and August and suits families with children ages 8-13. All attendees are hosted in private rooms, with opportunities to collaborate and socialize with others. 

5. River Bend Farm Family Camp 

With a diverse landscape that spans across a hundred acres in Southern Maine, River Bend Farm can put you and your loved ones deep in the heart of nature. The family camp invites people to step away from the screens and connect with the environment in a fun and engaging way. 

Children and adults can learn about sustainability through interactive activities. Kids roam and discover the natural surroundings while adults take part in a variety of workshops delivered by experts in their craft. You can expect to do things like bird watching and wellness exercises. 

Afternoons are designed for the family to spend time together, allowing you to choose how to spend the time. Families can settle down in the evening by gathering with other campers and staff to chat and relax around the campfire. 

The camp food is fresh and prepared by an expert chef who uses ingredients straight from the farm. Families get stay in cozy dormitories.