9 Best Overnight Summer Camps In Michigan 2023

michigan camps

If you’re looking for a great place for the kids to go to summer camp, look no further than Michigan! The state provides endless outdoor recreation for grown-ups and also has terrific overnight summer camp options for children. Camps provide opportunities to achieve milestones and create lifelong memories. Sing-alongs around the campfire, canoeing around the … Read more

10 Best Overnight Summer Camps In New York 2023

new york overnight camps

From peaceful lakes, beautiful mountains, and forests to vibrant communities and historical monuments, the state of New York has so much to offer. The scenic landscape of the east coast and the multitude of opportunities for discovery makes it the perfect tableau for outdoor summer fun. Kids can enjoy the Adirondack Mountains, sparkling bodies of … Read more

10 Best Overnight Summer Camps In California 2023

california camps

California is one of the best places for kids to enjoy the outdoors with its warm weather and beautiful landscapes. Kids have a plethora of opportunities to learn about nature and gain outdoor skills. At summer camp, kids can spend the summer playing fun games and activities like kayaking, archery, horseback riding, and much more. With … Read more

7 Best Overnight Summer Camps In Colorado 2023

colorado camps

There is a diverse selection of overnight camps to choose from in Colorado. Children of all ages can experience nature in different settings, whether they’re new or seasoned campers. Some summer camps focus on magic and integrity, while others build upon life skills and leadership.  No matter where you send your child to, they can … Read more

8 Best Overnight Summer Camps In Virginia 2023

virginia camps

Parents living in Virginia and surrounding states may be scrambling to find activities to keep kids entertained during the summer. Enrolling your child in a sleepaway summer camp can help them create lifelong memories and stay learning while school is out.   Virginia is a beautiful place to visit in the summertime, offering fantastic hiking trails … Read more

9 Best Overnight Summer Camps In Texas 2023

texas camps

The sprawling state of Texas offers plenty of ways to enjoy the summer months for everyone. Whether you are looking for a beach getaway, state parks, or a cultural city experience, Texas has it all. Live music, art and culture, outdoor activities, and delicious barbeque are abundant in the lone star state. For kids, you … Read more

7 Best Overnight Summer Camps In Massachusetts 2023

massachusetts camps

Those who had the privilege of spending their summers at sleepaway camp know it’s an unbeatable opportunity to connect with nature and make lifelong friends. Especially with today’s smartphones and social media, it’s never bad for children to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature while learning new life skills and having fun.  With its … Read more

7 Best Overnight Summer Camps In North Carolina 2023

north carolina camps

There’s nothing like summertime in North Carolina. Scenic forests, rich history, and beautiful beaches offer tons of different ways to enjoy the outdoors. Relax by the coastal beaches or head to the mountains to explore rivers, lakes, and dense forests. The experience of summer camp is highly beneficial for children. A week away from home … Read more

8 Best Overnight Summer Camps In Georgia 2023

georgia camps

Georgia is the perfect place for kids to go out and enjoy learning about nature and the outdoors. From farms to mountains and lakes to waterfalls, there is something for everyone in the state of Georgia.  You’ll find plenty of summer camps that focus on nature exploration and allow children to discover who they truly … Read more

10 Best Overnight Summer Camps In New Hampshire 2023

new hampshire overnight camps

New Hampshire is a beautiful New England gem. The state is a prime destination for summer camps thanks to its vast wilderness, including many large lakes perfect for swimming in and numerous woodlands. These programs opportunities to bond with each other in the great outdoors and create lifelong memories. Friendships made at camp are some … Read more