Best Overnight Summer Camps In Florida 2023

Best overnight camps in Florida

With most days filled with sun and average summer temperatures well into the 80s, Florida definitely deserves its Sunshine State nickname. You will be hard pressed to find more interesting nationals parks than the Everglades National Park or beautiful islands like the Florida Keys anywhere else in the United States. But just as there are many … Read more

10 Best Business Summer Camps For High School Students 2023

Best Business Summer Camps For Students

Summer is one of the best times for motivated students to explore their academic interests and gain valuable professional skills.  For students interested in business, attending a summer business program is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of economics and finance, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and start your own successful business. Each pre-college program has … Read more

Best Overnight Summer Camps In Alaska 2023

Best Overnight Summer Camps In Alaska

Visiting Alaska’s diverse and beautiful landscapes is on every nature enthusiast’s bucket list. Luckily for young kids who love outdoor adventures, Alaska offers plenty of awesome overnight camping opportunities. Allowing youth to connect with nature keeps them safer and happier. Your camper can go on an incredible adventure exploring the Last Frontier, seeing animals and … Read more

Best Overnight Camps In Washington 2023

Washington overnight camps

Attending an overnight summer camp is an opportunity for your child to gain independence, experiment with new interests, cultivate friendships, and spend more time outdoors.  With the impressive Mount Rainier, extensive parks, Lake Chelan, and top-notch academic programs, Washington provides the perfect backdrop for your child’s next summer camp experience.  We rounded up this list … Read more

Best Overnight Summer Camps In Connecticut 2023

Overnight Camps in Connecticut

Connecticut is in the middle of one of the most densely populated areas of the country. It might not be the first place that comes to mind for summer camps, but nothing could be further from the truth. Outside of the many metropolitan areas throughout the state and New England, Connecticut is filled with river … Read more

Best Overnight Camps In Illinois 2023

Overnight camps in Illinois

Most people don’t always consider Illinois much beyond the city limits of Chicago, but it offers so much more. Illinois has hundreds of state parks and more than 500,000+ acres of protected land. Chicago offers plenty of entertainment, but nothing as miraculous as nature you can interact with in other parts of the state.  Let … Read more

Best Overnight Summer Camps In Montana 2023

Best Overnight Summer Camps In Montana

Montana is home to stunning mountains, rivers, and valleys. With National Parks, such as Glacier National Park, the state has much to offer in the way of outdoor activity.  Kids don’t always get a chance to enjoy this fun, so summer camp is a great opportunity for them to enjoy the outdoors and make unforgettable … Read more

Best Overnight Camps In Ohio 2023

Best Overnight Summer Camps In Ohio

Ohio is bordered by Lake Eerie and is home to many other natural lakes. There is a scenic beauty throughout the countryside, with many creeks, forests, and rivers. There are many summer camps in Ohio since it’s a good place as children have plenty of space for adventure.  At camp, campers can sit around the campfire … Read more

Best Overnight Camps in Alabama 2023

Best overnight camps in Alabama

With some of the country’s most pristine and untouched wilderness areas like the Sipsey Wilderness, Alabama is the perfect backdrop for your child’s summer camp adventure. Under the guidance of experienced camp counselors, kids can learn, explore, and make new friends while taking part in classic summer camp traditions that have been passed down over … Read more

7 Best Overnight Camps In Vermont 2023

Overnight Camps In Vermont

If you want your child to experience everything the outdoors can provide, Vermont is one of the perfect places for overnight summer camps. This mountain state has plenty of natural areas with its various parks, forests like the Green Mountain National Foresorests, and gorgeous lakes like Lake Champlain. You’ll find many kinds of summer programs … Read more